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Blog | Beatriz Neila – Race by race I am more confident

Hello everyone!!

The last weekend was the fifth and sixth race of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup at the circuit of Germany, Sachsenring. It was a very fun weekend in which I learned a lot and I am very happy with my results.

As in all trips, here we also travel all my family. We left on Wednesday afternoon and took the opportunity to get there and have for dinner something famous from Germany.

On Thursday afternoon we arrived at the Sachsenring circuit, to a very bad temperature and it did not stop raining. When it stopped raining we went out for a walk around the circuit but it started to rain very hard and we got very wet.

On Friday started Free practice and qualifying. The first training was very difficult because I did not know the track and I was very far from the top. In the second free I was already better and more confident with the circuit and I was able to close a little more, i took a step further.

In qualifying I was already much better and we were in the top four seconds which was a great step for me even while I was in the rear positions but for me it was good.

Saturday was the fifth race of the championship. In the morning I had an interview with Movistar MotoGP so I want to thank them for everything. Closer to the time of race, the weather began to change, becoming more and more cold and bad weather.

Time to run and we had to suspend the first start because it rained very hard. I was very happy because I took a lot more confidence to roll in water and I took a big step.

Sunday was the sixth race of the championship, the weather not as bad as the previous race. I started behind but kept the group that was ahead rolling a second and a half faster than my qualifying time.

I made a mistake in one of the corners and the group left. At the end of the race I was three seconds behind the lead with what for me is a big step. I'm missing a bit of physique that I'm now working very hard for the next round in Brno in the Czech Republic!!!

Now it's time to work hard!

I want to thank the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup for everything!!

See you in Brno!! Full gass