Bartholomé Perrin

Blog | Bartholomé Perrin playing some real table tennis to keep moving

Hi friends,

I hope you are doing well in this difficult and gloomy time.

I spend my days with sports, study and video-games.


It's not easy to keep an effective workout without leaving the house but I'm lucky enough to have a garden and garage to do sports.


I use everything within my reach to train.

In France, the school is done remotely with teachers in video conference class.


This method allows me to continue to learn the program of my class.


Not to get bored, we have turned our dining room table into a ping-pong table, I play a lot with my family.
Sometimes I play to MotoGP 20.


It allows me to continue to do some races, but the biggest desire that I have is to ride on these circuits in real life!

In waiting the return to "normal" life, take good care of yourself.

See you soon!