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Hi everyone,

I hope you continue to be well despite the complicated situation at this time.

For my part I resumed training 2 weeks after the end of the season, I am training harder than ever to be ready next year, that is the most important thing for me!

Unfortunately I can't train on a motorcycle because of the weather in France. So I remain patient and continue to work hard with my coach.


Last month I spent 1 week of intense training with greats champions! Like Xavier Siméon but also 2 world champions Gregg Black and Lucas Mahias, it was great!! I learned again and was able to surpass myself in each activity.

This year I decided to change my logo, it's a way for me to restart from 0, I hope you'll like it as much as me :)


While waiting for the next news I wish you a good day and see you soon ;)

Bartholomé #39