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Hi friends,

I hope you are well and that you will be able to stay patient while waiting for the races to resume!

In France we can go out since May 11th, which allowed me to resume training on the track.

And what a pleasure!! after two months what a joy.


At first, I was afraid I wouldn't remember where the brake is... but after a few turns, I immediately found a good feeling with the motorbike.

There's less than a month I celebrated my birthday, not ideal in stay at home but it was still a great time.


I also took the opportunity to go out with my bike, go to run and practice other sports.


Recently I also discovered a sport I had never done, it's the Via ferrata (main photo), it's funny.

While waiting for the races to resume I continue to train 100% to be physically ready.

Good luck to all and thank you for reading me.

See you soon!