Barry Baltus

Blog | Barry Baltus takes first win of the season in Estoril

Hello guys,

These last few weeks I trained a lot in order to be ready for the preseason tests of the Red Bull Rookies Cup in Jerez!

First of all, I made a supermoto trackday in my country, Belgium. I was the youngest driver of the day but also the fastest! Although the supermoto is very different from the road race bike, It's very important for me to train in this kind of discipline because it helps me to have more stability on the bike.

Then I went to Estoril, in Portugal, for the first round of the European Talent Cup. This championship is a good preparation for the Red Bull Rookies Cup. Only my father came with me because my mom is too stressed to see me riding.

After making the pole position on Saturday, I finished the first race in first place! I was waiting for 2 years to hear the Belgian national anthem on the podium and it made very happy, especially at the beginning of the season. The second race was a bit more complicated and the race ended on a red flag but I still finished second overall!

Now I'm feeling great and I can't wait for the preseason tests!

See you soon,