Barry Baltus

Blog | Barry Baltus has a month filled with adrenaline

Hello everybody,

These past weeks have been filled with lots of tests, races and events. I was very happy to be back on a bike for the tests of the Red Bull Rookies Cup that took place at the beginning of April. We really rode a lot and I had to adapt to this new bike. I am very happy with my progress and the work we did on the bike during these 3 days but I still have work to do on myself concerning my concentration and aggressiveness. It's true that the level of competition is very high.

Last weekend, I was in Valencia for my second race in the European Talent Cup. The first day was good because I took the second place on the grid which was very positive for the team but the two races on Sunday were very difficult and I finished at the 9th and 10th place. But these 2 races allowed me to train for this week in Jerez

I also spend a really good moment with my fans at the Black Knights Fan Day organized by Zelos. There were 3 others Belgian pilots: Xavier Siméon (MotoGP), Livio Loi (Moto3) and another pilot from the Red Bull Rookies Cup: Sasha De Vits! We made a photoshoot and signing session and drove on the circuit of Mettet with our fans.

It's so motivating to feel supported by so many people! I had a great time just before my birthday which is this May 3rd. I finally celebrated my 14 years and I hope that it will bring me luck for the race in Jerez this weekend!

See you soon!