Barry Baltus

Blog | Barry Baltus disappointed in Misano and ready to give everything for Aragon

Hi everybody,

After a long summer beak, I was happy to take the road again to go on track in Misano. First stop was at the aviation museum in Rimini with my dad and my mechanic.


There were more than 50 aircraft presented, belonging to Italian and world history. It was very impressive!


Before going to the circuit on Friday morning, I made a last training in the swimming pool in order to get ready for qualifying. It was not easy but I was happy with my result (6th position on the grid).


It's always a pleasure to ride in Misano because there is a good atmosphere and a lot of spectators. On Saturday, the start of the race was going well. But after some laps a few other riders have overtaken me and I pushed hard to stay close to the leading group.


The pace was very high and I wanted to keep in touch but I fell. It's a big disappointment but luckily I was not hurt. Now I'm already focus on the last round of Red Bull Rookies Cup this weekend in Aragon. I will give everything for this last race!


See you there !