Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢

Blog | Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢 with some great riding in the Assen rain

Hi All,

Sorry for late updating the report from last race in Assen. It was a difficult race due to unstable weather.

We had 2 practice sessions and QR on Friday with nice and warm wether. It went well to adjust the setting of bike and shaving lap times with a good rhythm.

In QR, it was more difficult than I thought because I couldn't find the right space and a good rhythm. I tried to concentrate and finished 3rd.

Unfortunately Race1 was raining and it makes more difficult conditions. I didn't want to crash but as well as I have a confidence in rain conditions.

I started well but this time I didn't have good feeling with bike so I tried not to crash and I finished 4th.

I really wished for a dry race but Race 2 was also raining. I adjusted the setting a little bit from yesterday, so my feeling was better than before. I was in front but with a few laps to go, two riders passed me and were battling.

On the last lap I was 3rd and I did my best.

I finished 2nd and was really happy that I could manage not to crash in this very difficult race due to the rain.

I'm looking forward to having a race in Germany with nice conditions.

Best Regards,

Ayumu Sasaki