Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢

Blog | Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢 hot on the training

Hi All,

It was very hot in Guam as last year and I had a wonderful training camp. I finished up all my training list that my trainer made it for me. He's thinking the way to improve my skills and mentality.

Now many people work for me and getting ready to start the year and I feel an exciting new challenge.

Great training partners!

I'm a bit sad that I was not able to ride Moto3 now in Japan due to cold weather and snow. But at least I am riding on dirt track to be able to have a feeling on the bike.

My fist ride on a road racer will be in late March. Can't wait for it and the test of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies cup in Jerez.

See you there!

Ayumu Sasaki