Ayumu Sasaki

Blog | Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢 with a great victory in Germany

Hi All,

It was a great weekend in Germany.

During the practice, I just focused on my riding to set up my bike and good rhythm.

I found a right way setting in Free Practice 2 that I was able to push in Qualifying. I knew that everybody will wait for a chance and to get the right place for fastest lap times from middle of Qualifying to the end so I concentrated from at the beginning to make a good lap.

I could find a right place to ride and could get a fastest lap times in 5 laps. After a few laps to go many riders were waiting so I couldn't improve the lap time. Happily, my position stayed still the top on the board which I made in the first 5 laps. I'm very glad to get the first pole-position on this season.

I had a normal start and put myself in 3rd position in the first corner. It was difficult to leave so I stayed behind and looked for the weak point of the other riders. With 3 laps to go, I thought that now is the time to push to the top so I passed a few riders and switched to 2-3 position.

In the last lap it was also incredible and my plan was to enter the first corner in 2nd position and I succeeded with my plan.

I waited until just before the last corner, because I knew that If I passed before the last corner and made a good exit nobody can pass me.. Then, I did it! At that time I realised I can win. I stayed calm and made it to the line.

It was easy to stay in the front group and my feeling with the bike was also great. I tried to push hard and concentrate.

It felt similar in constitution to race1 that I looked for a chance at 3 laps to go. Then I attacked again for the last 2 laps for victory. But this time, I was not close enough to win the race.

I entered 3rd at the second to last corner, at that time, I knew that it's more difficult to win the race than yesterday but I thought that if I could have a perfect exit, I would have a small chance.

Then I made it a great exit but the riders in front of me touched each other and got slowed down. I'm really clos to them and didn't have place to go inside so what I could do was to go outside. In the last corner, I entered really fast and almost I passed the two riders from outside but exit was wrong way and I crossed the line in 3rd place.

A little bit disappointed and I thought I might have won both races but this is a hard reality. But I was really happy for the championship.

For now I'm getting into small summer break for 3 weeks. But I won't need a vacation, I only need to gain a power for the victory through my training.

Huge thanks to all of you my family, friends and many fans who always give me confidence and it all that helps to create this win.

Can't wait for home GP of Red Bull in Austria.

See you guys soon,