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Blog | Artem Maraev running hot in the ice and cold

Hello everybody from the cold Russia,

My name is Artem Maraev and I'm happy to be part of Red Bull Rookies Cup in 2019.

2018 was amazing for me. In Russia I stepped into STK600 class and won it with no pressure. I had to make this step because there are no Moto3/300cc or any other junior classes in Russia. The only way to race was a big bike and I liked it.


Also we decided to try the ADAC Junior Cup on a KTM RC390 to improve fighting in big groups on a small bikes. I was fast all season and won the championship as a rookie with only 4 points in front of my rival.


The 2019 is already started for me with no holidays. I would try to tell some words about my preparation for the 2019 season.

With my team we do training 4-5 times a week the whole year. It doesn't matter what the weather is outside, how the things are going at school or any other routine. Every week we ride bikes 3-4 times and go to the gym 1-2 times.


I like going to the gym, i feel stronger every month and good fitness helps me to be more focused on the bike the whole race.


Motocross and ice racing are also a necessary part of our training program. We have a good MX track in Moscow with good lighting and I can make laps after school when it's already dark. (In the photo I'm together with my friend and teammate Alex Vasilev, he is fast but this year grows as tall as giraffe so doesn't fit moto3 and 300cc bikes, he will ride 600cc next year).


Ice racing is one of my favourite things. Racing MX bikes with 22-25mm spikes on the frozen lake is quite the same as flat track. The bike is always sliding with 2 wheels and going fast is so much fun.


When the weather is really bad we ride pit bikes indoor. It's fun because the surface there has no grip at all.


Last week we had holidays from school and we spent them the best way. We went to the south of Russia to Sochi for Supermoto camp.


I really like supermoto as training. It helps to try different things and then use this skill on a road racing bike.


Also it was raining for two days and I improved my skill of riding in the wet very well.


Thats it!

I'm very exited for 2019 and I will be ready.

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Chat soon!