Artem Maraev

Blog | Artem Maraev just 1.7 seconds from 1st in Aragón with fastest lap

Good evening dear reader,

Today I will tell about the final races in Aragon.


Everything went as usual, we arrived and went on the track walk, then there were a couple of briefings and it's time to ride a motorcycle.

I immediately liked the track, in it a lot of elevation changes. I went 3 seconds slower in FP1 than the leader. The result was not very good but it was my first time on this track.


QP I was only 17th, I didn't catch the slipstream on the straight and it affected the result.

In the first race there was a technical problem and I didn't finished.


In the second race I had a great start, a big fight at the end of the first group and a very difficult last turn.The second race allowed me to take a lot of experience to fight in a group.


And in the end I finished in 15th place, less than 2 seconds behind the leader. The goal for the season was to catch the front group. I did it only in the final race of the season, but I finally did.


Many thanks to Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup for the opportunity to fight with the best pilots and gain invaluable experience.

See you soon,