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Hi everyone, from the cold Russia.


I want to tell you some about my prepare for 2020 season and big changes in my life.


First of all couple words about my 2019 Rookies season. Guys, it was tough. I mean not the results, but the way you have to understand that you are not enough ready and prepared to fight top guys. The main question was to accept this and find the way to change it. In the mid season we started to understand what's wrong and made some changes in training program. It worked good, but it's not a fast process. In the final race I finally caught the first group, finished 1.7 seconds from the leader with a best lap time of the race. It showed me that im on a good way.


After this we made a program with training in Russia and making camps in Spain for about 1 week each month during my holidays. I took my old Moriwaki and started learning how to ride a bike like this from the beginning. I mean everything. I learned again how to seat on the bike, how to hold my hands, how to do all simple things, but different. I did about 500 laps on Karting tracks on the Moriwaki during 3 months after season finished and then we went to Jerez to see how it works on big tracks. The result was great and I felt like an absolutely different rider compared to previous season. While I was in Russia I continued to train on my miniGP 3-4 times a week with 2-3 times working in gym.


We were happy with the results I had but we understood that it was not enough. We tried to find some options to compete in CEV Moto3 or ETC, but it didn't worked. So we decided to spend all what we have to buy a KTM RC250R for training.


Just to transfer all new skills I learned to a KTM machine. With the help of Rookies Cup stuff we found a bike for sale and made a deal.


Last week I already did a 1 day test in Jerez in 1 day in Valencia with a new bike and it feels amazing. I never felt so comfortable on this kind of bike and lap times shows Im close to the point where i want to be. I will have one more test before official Rookies Cup tests in Jerez and im going to finalise all hard work which was done this offseason. I will be ready.


All this was impossible without huge support of my family and my sponsors who support me in my hard and long way. #roadtomotogpfromrussia


Chat soon,