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Blog | Artem Maraev - Flashback to my earlier supermoto races

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all healthy.

Today I will talk about Russian supermoto. I have been competing in the main class since 2018, at that time I was driving a TM250.


But in Russian supermoto there is a big difference to the World supermoto series, a short dirt section, so I could not keep up without a much experience in cross riding.

It was difficult for me to fight with participants who had motorcycles more powerful than mine, but often I managed to break out of the general group and take a prize.

In 2019, dad bought me a Honda CRF450.


With this motorcycle I had no reason to participate in the Russian supermoto, since I was too fast and had no rivals.


I hope the epidemic will end soon and we will be able to race, but for now we need to stay at home.

Chat soon,

Artem Maraev