Artem Maraev

Blog | Artem Maraev after a long trip to Jerez

Hi Everyone,

Finally we are in Jerez circuit for the first round of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.


It was a long trip from Moscow: we had a flight at 6 am in the morning so I had to wake up at 3 am. After 5 hours flight we landed in Madrid and then had to drive more then 600km to Jerez.


All was good and we arrived in time. Now the bike is ready, documents are ready and I just have to make some rest before season starts tomorrow.


After the tests I had a lot of practice off and on the bike.


We went to Grozny for Motoring track days to make some laps on a 600cc bike.


I had to adapt to new suspension and electronics. Also I have to learn more about telemetry. Its not easy, but very interesting for me.


After the test I understood what I have to work for in gym and we changed my program a bit. I feel it will work.


Cant wait a first race to start.