Anthony Alonso

Blog | Anthony misted up at the Sachsenring | 2013

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to talk about my races in Sachsenring. Overall, it was yet again another tough weekend. Sometimes at school I wear glasses if I’m seated too far from the board. In Assen I was not able to clearly see my pit board so in free practice, I tried wearing glasses. Well, that turned out to be a mistake because they fogged up in the second to last corner and I ran straight off the track on the second lap. It was very disappointing because we definitely needed that track time. My qualifying again did not go very well at all. I qualified 21st which was obviously going to make the race extremely difficult.

The first race was not very good. I finished 16th place which, as most of you know, is not in the points. I had a horrible start and had a lot of trouble progressing through the pack. It was difficult for me to do the lap times that the top ten were doing. I know that I could have done them because even though I was off the pace, I wasn’t very far off the top ten, but, my starts need to be way better, and so does qualifying.

The second race was the same result, just a little bit better lap times. I still finished 16th sadly. So, overall, I didn’t get any points out of the whole weekend. I tried really hard to do the lap times but they just weren’t coming to me.

Hopefully, the next race at Brno will go better. It looks like a very fun track and lets just hope that nothing like glasses-fogging-up happens again.

See you then,