Anthony Alonso

Blog | Anthony had fun at Silverstone | 2013

Hey everybody, it’s me Anthony! I had a fun weekend in Silverstone. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

Qualifying was really tense because everybody was so close together in lap times. I finished 20th in qualifying and I knew again that it was going to be difficult races for me. But the first race was really awesome; I got into the top ten and it was a group of about five riders including me. We were having a great battle but then I made a mistake. I passed one of the riders on the outside on the exit of turn 7 and I got a little too far ahead of myself and I tried to pass another rider into the tight turn 8 and 9 chicane. I made a mistake and braked too late and I collided with another rider.

Unfortunately he crashed, though somehow, I did not. The collision made me fall to the opposite side of the bike which meant I was leaning over on the completely wrong side for the corner. Once I got into the dirt, I somehow flipped back straight up onto the bike and slowed myself down and got back onto the track. There was something wrong with my front-end from the collision and I had to settle for 15th place. The fight was awesome for tenth. My second race did not go as well due to some moments on the first lap. I almost got taken out and lost the gap the group.

I cannot wait for Misano because it looks like a really fast and fun track. I’ll give you guys an update soon!