Anthony Alonso

Blog | Anthony had fun at Assen | 2013

Hey everyone,

It’s me Anthony again! Although it was a tough weekend, I had a really great time at Assen. The track is very fast, scary, and fun. My favourite corners were the really fast ones. You just had to be fully committed to doing it and just go through the corner with trust in the bike.

One of the main problems that I had in this track was turn 5. It is a really tight left hander and is VERY slow. Every time that I would come out of that corner, someone would either pass me or they would gap me. I tried taking lots of different lines and using different reference points, but none of them helped the situation. But thankfully, most of the corners were really fast and fun.

In the first race, I stalled on the start. I had to have a pit lane start and it was obviously not a good race. I finished 18th, my worst result of the season. My second race went better, though not as good as it could’ve been. I am really looking forward to the race in Germany. It looks like an awesome track!