Anthony Alonso

Blog | Anthony is enjoying Spain

Hey everybody,

It has been a week in Spain and it is so awesome; I love it here! We have been doing a lot of driving and walking lately and it gave me a chance to see the city. At the moment, we are very close to Barcelona. I like it a lot here because there are so many people just walking around and it doesn’t feel so dead. I also noticed that a lot of people around here are riding scooters and bicycles. I think the scooters are really cool, but I thought it was a little weird that barely anybody rode motorcycles, just scooters.

I recently went to a dirt track and it was really nice to be back on the bike again. The coolest thing was that we showed up to the track around 19:00 and there were a lot of people there and it was open! We left around 21:00 and people still were still there! There is absolutely no way that would happen in the U.S.! I am really looking forward to getting my 125 and 85 over here in Spain so I can start road-riding again.

Talk to you all soon,