Alexandre Juanes Assen

Blog | Alexandre Juanes scores his first points in Assen despite everything

Hi everyone

We had second round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup last week-end on the Dutch TT racetrack.

Since the very first race I keep training in order to prepare for each round the best I can, which I must admit, means a lot to me.

We arrived on track on the Thurdsay with my Dad, who left his now famous red tool case to discover with eyes wide open the good care provided by the RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup's team.

Friday morning, the first free practice will determine the rest of the week-end... I crashed on the 5th lap. This would cause a learning gap for track which would never be made up, but instead I learnt how to run after my motorcycle!

The afternoon was devoted to work on reducing the gap of FP1. Sadly, in vain. I must absolutely stay on my wheels.

A difficult qualifying session, I do not find my rhythm, it is a track where it is necessary to be poured into riding and on which it is complicated to master all the subtleties. I qualify in last position, and am disappointed. I have to regain self-control at all costs.

And there, starts the race...which was short... I made a good start, feeling comfortable with the bike. My Red Bull mate Sean Kelly crashes right in front of me, I rode into the grass to avoid him, as soon as I get back on track, the bike slips, and on the last turn ejects me in a beautiful highside. ...

After the crash, I realise that if the mental is shaken, the rider is in perfect shape. This is the main point. My equipment, Schuberth helmet, Alpinestars leather suit, gloves and boots did a great job with efficiency.

In this period of European Football Cup, I would sum-up my week end as a scoring : KTM: 1, Alex : 00 (yeah....double zero !)...two crashes in two days.... Let's keep faith!

For the second race, the goal is to pass the checkered flag whatever it takes. During the pre-race phase, I work on my concentration to stay calm and focused, I must not crash.

I take an average start and during the entire race will learn to manage it, staying precise, focused, work on my gestures' fluidity, work on my acceleration and braking phases to reach my final goal.

On a particularly tricky wet track, I decide to ride safely. Starting from the 22nd position, I pass the checkered flag in 11th position...

Undoubtedly my number sticks to my skin! I end nevertheless on a positive outcome, and manage to take my first points after a tough week-end!

In summary, it was a difficult weekend, but that turns out positive despite the crashes. I slowly gain confidence in my motorcycle, and working with my team. I manage to take my first points, finally! I learnt from my mistakes, they were constructive because they taught me not to lose sight from concentration, and to stay focused on my final goal.

Sometimes it is necessary to know how to ride with more fluidity, to be less aggressive to save some points, it is what I learnt in the second round.

Next round in Sachsenring on July 16th and 17th !

I would like to warmly thank the entire Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup who takes good care of us, Alain Bronec and the CIP, Ride-R Media for my communications management. I was happy that my friends Karl Croix and Renaud came to visit me from France to bring me some support. Thanks guys for being besides me. Thank you all for your support.