Alexandre Juanes

Blog | Alexandre Juanes progressing but still frustrated at the Sachsenring

Hi everyone,

Sachsenring is considered one of the most complex MotoGP tracks, both for the physical efforts on the riders' side and for the motorcycles as it is particularly abrasive for tyres.

I discovered in FP1 a playful, complex circuit but with good sensations. The qualifying session sees my times improving, I try to hang on to faster wheels, and succeed in coming back 3 seconds from leaders but it places me only in 23rd position on the grid.

In Race 1 I take an average start, the first part of the race is very difficult, I have difficulty in finding my pace. In the second part, I force to catch up the American rider, I manage to reduce the gap and overtake half of the riders ahead.

Every overtaking, was like wrestling to gain a position, I fought against my opponents, begin a fantastic rise, trying to take back seconds everywhere where it seems possible.

Until the last curve I fought and showed that I did not give up.

In Race 2, I manage to take a better start, I improve this phase and I immediately set a faster pace, but am unable to reduce enough the gap with the riders ahead of me to be able to attack them. On a sector I catch up, then in the following sector they widen the gap. We alternated this pace during the entire race.

I started 15th and end up 18th. This round was more complicated than the first one. I am not satisfied, I have to improve still a lot.

I would do anything to score again in the next round!

I am obviously disappointed. It is infuriating because I know where my mistakes come from. In life everything is perfectible, you should never believe that everything is acquired. It is necessary to work hard ceaselessly to progress and make so that the progress is regular.

On an overall level, I am satisfied, because I lived a memorable and fascinating Race 1 in the overtakings and the fights with my opponents, and am satisfied to see that I feel more and more comfortable fighting within the pack.

I know that I am only 2s away from front riders...I can manage to work on reducing this gap!

Next race takes place on August 13th and 14th on the Red Bull Ring in Austria ... I will be eager to defend score and position with some more from tenacity, given that I will be on the circuit of the brand which gives you wings ...

In the meantime, if the summer represents holidays, for me it means hard work and discipline with the aim to do better on the next round of the championship!

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