Alexandre Juanes

Blog | Alexandre Juanes having the toughest but most thrilling experience ever

Dear All,

As you may know I keep trying to build myself despite the hard times I'm going through.

Both latest race week-ends in Brno and RedBull Ring proved to be painful.

For this latest Grand Prix I can only blame myself...I cannot blame the bike which is perfect, nor the tracks that are some of the worldwide greatest. I definitely lacked aggression and undertook the races, incapable of showing my skills with a satisfying performance.

I for sure have the ability to score points on every race, it is now up to me to solve the equation and find the appropriate solution.

I really wanted to score a good result on the Red Bull Ring to honour the brand that gives me wings this season, because after 18 years it was time for the Grand Prix to return and put wheels and motorhomes on this track. I had two free practice sessions to discover and learn the track.

Unfortunately, having qualified on the last position, two pretty tough races would follow...from a moral point of view it's even harder as I am not able to do better than 23rd in race 1 and 21st in the second race.

Being far on the grid affect my moral as well as my results. This is however the most thrilling season of my entire life! Of course this is extremely demanding in many aspects, but this is my engine to keep pushing hard and trying to finally hit my goals.

Brno race was not going to be better...

Since the early beginning I was not into it. The previous results seriously damaged the mental side of the little gladiator that I used to be, and which is my symbol.

The crash during Race 1 affected seriously my moral strength. I tried to push and force on the bike to keep fighting with the group ahead of me, then I also forced the bike to hold it from crashing...

I really would like to thank Christian, my mechanics as well as the entire team for the remarkable job done on the bike.

Despite all the difficulties, I would like to let you know that this season is the best thing that could ever happen to me. This is a dream adventure. Even though the discovery of tracks is sometimes painful, the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is the best riding school in the world.

I still need to work hard to make my results match my abilities, they are not yet up to what I am able to do on track. However, from a human point of view I learn to overcome all the barriers, even in English!

I still need to get back more confidence in order to come back to my racing routine and overcome the recent difficulties to turn them into a strength. I will use these difficulties to find the energy and determination to come back stronger and turn them into a positive outcome.

To all the people who follow me, my goal is to score some points!

Many thanks for your kind support!

Alex #11