Blog | Alexandre Juanes a dream come true in Jerez

Hi all,

After dreaming about it during a part of my I am in Jerez for the 10th Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup edition's opening...10 years that I dream to take this start.

Outside temperature 25°C, track temperature 41 closely disputed MotoGP Round where my hero Valentino Rossi will shine as a phoenix, imperial champion, a true one, and alongside this championship our Rookies Cup, composed of 23 young gladiators who will battle into the Jerez arena.

On the paddock side, let me tel you my first impressions and set the background.

Here I am on a real MotoGP race! The set is impressive, paddock is beautifully wrapped up, trucks are shiny, hospitalities are beyond what the best of technology brings us, it's magical, I am drawn into the backstage side of my passion, which was a restricted access before that. That's just « WAHHHHHH »!

First, let me tell you that the Red Bull Rookies Cup management welcomes us like princes, we are being taken care of and have a dedicated team for the entire season. The other great surprise is that we are in contact with all the Red Bull riders. For a 15-year-old teen like me...spending some time with Sandro Cortese, the first rider to have won a world Moto3 Champion title on KTM and who is now an official Red Bull rider...that's awesome !

I also spent some time with Randy De Puniet. That's incredible, you walk down the paddock and meet all the legendary international riders. The luxury and prestige of the paddock shows off a side of this sport that should stir up interest from many companies and sponsors if they get a chance to come on a race. Welcome into my « Red Bubble ».

Hospitality is our social headquarters, where we have a special table reserved, nearby the official teams' table. Everything is designed to make us enjoy the race as if it was at home.

The great asset of the Rookies Cup also belongs to the partnerships with brands and for us this looks like Xmas time. We are spoiled by sponsors ! This week-end, we received the brand new GoPro Hero4 Session....which will bring some revolution into the video world. Technology and perfection ! And which will be very useful to me during trainings to improve myself.

On the track side, everything goes really fast. As soon as during the free practice I notice that the level is already high and that I'll have to work harder to improve.

Just landed from France with my modest racing experience, here, that's another dimension where fast CEV riders are fast over this championship. I know I will have to proceed to a quick level adjustment in order to be able to race over this group of furious kids between 13 and 17 years old !

Race 1: I take an average start, enclosed at the first corner, all the riders pass me before I start to overtake some riders up until the 14th position where I finally start to battle among rivals. After a tough fight I end up on the 16th position...and frustrated!

Race 2: I take a better start, but which for me remains average, I manage to catch the group while in battle with my American fellow. Both decided to keep fighting, we even create a third group, with which we will battle all race long. I end up 18th.

Track conditions are completely new to me. This is strange to have to keep fighting all race long as I was used to race alone. This is more motivating to have to fight to keep your position. I loved it! Good feelings with the bike, good feelings during the race, and the satisfaction to have been able to give 100% over the entire race. Next I'll give 200%!

My conclusion on this first race is that this was a complete discovery, my goal was to gain more experience, riding sessions and discover all the different levels within the group. You know what? I'm not disappointed! That' s high level racers there! One more challenge to overcome!

This week-end in Jerez was a great experience despite a frustrating result. This was a first race, where I slowly spread my wings. But this was a magic experience at the heart of Red Bull's world. Totally positive week-end, many notes on my notebook to work harder and improve myself. As a rider I'm not really happy with the result.

In any case, know that this is something magical, which is worth doing a lot of efforts. I wish all of those who dream of it to have a chance to participate.

Now, let's go to the Assen Cathedral in two months! Meanwhile...I'll keep working hard, drink more Red Bull and pour some into my tank to go faster (this is the only scientific explanation I found!)

Red Bull gives us's our duty to spread them!

Thank you all for your kind support and messages !

Many thanks to Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, MotoGP KTM Factory Racing, Alpinestars, Ipone, Schuberth Helmets, GoPro, Earwear et à tous mes partenaires français ainsi qu'à Ride-R Media agence de communication who takes care of my image.