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Hi mates,

Welcome to my second blog, it's going to be about the way that I choose to prepare my season.
I practice some different training types:

Nowadays the most type that I'm training is Flack Track; in as much as it help a lot to place well the motorbike in the corner to start to open gas as soon as possible.


I practice it with two different motorbikes which I think makes me adapt to the different routes and riding styles that the motorcycle need. For example the Yamaha 125 doesn't have power so you need to take advantage of the track to the limits and to have the faster corner line.


With the Honda CRF 250 instead, that has more power so you can't use the same tactic to go fast because you need track, and you need to use the tactic more effective to do pull the motorbike. This you get it sacrificing the entry to the corner, arriving with the rear break until the right place to turn faster the motorbike and to open early the gas.


Also I do technics training and one to one in the KSB Valencia facilities with a Kawasaki KX 65 with my mates.
In addition, I usually go to the gym every day to practice flexibility, cardio and some muscle. I also go by bike, something I'm practicing a lot because apart from making a lot of physical ground work, it's a way of automating me because every time you get over your goals.


I have also been able to participate in two TT-Series in which I have managed to improve several mental and technical aspects.

I hope to write more and tell you everything I'm doing and training, a hug and a lot of GAS !!!

Alex Escrig