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Blog | Alex Escrig with no luck from pole in Austria

Hello friends,

Today I am going to tell you how my weekend was in the Red Bull Ring, from the positive side it seems that it was quite good since we could get the pole and be in the first places in the race which came quite well as far as learning is concerned but the result was very different.


On Friday in FP1, what seemed like an easy circuit became super difficult since when I was shooting I realised that it was quite different from what I had in mind.


In FP2 I worked a lot with Santi and we were able to take a fairly big step forward with sensations and positions since we finished 4th to 0.6 and I saw that I had enough to improve which I thought I could classify quite well.


In the QP it was clear what the strategy was, I just had to leave the fast group within a few seconds and thoroughly pull for them as if there was no tomorrow which worked out quite well since we got the pole.


In Race1 I was quite calm and after a bad start by placing ourselves in a P6 the first four escaped a second of the 5th and at that moment I started to be thrown but I recovered that second in less than a lap.


There I realised that it was quite good and comfortable to be in the group and I was able to lead a few laps. Then with just 4 laps to go I made an error that took away the possibility of finishing the race in the group.


In the Race2 a fall in the warm up lap did not give us the chance to fight and learn more in the second race.


Now we are working and preparing Misano with more desire.

Thanks for reading,