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Blog | Aleix Viu not happy in the wet at Assen

Hello friends,

I write of the weekend of the Grand Prix that happened at the TT circuit in Assen it was very difficult for me. The description of the weekend would would be summarised as disappointment.

The result of the two races has not been too good.

In Saturday's race I had the misfortune to fall and not be able to score. In Sunday's race I found no security at any time with the front tire. It had rained so much that there was no feeling when braking and leaning on the front axle to plot the curve.

I decided at that time, although it was not what was expected of me, slow down the pace from the start of the race and avoided at all times falling, to try to catch the maximum points.

I must admit that this was not my weekend.

Assen is already erased from my mind, although I must admit that in this mess have learned a lot.

Now it concentrate on the next race in Sachsenring.

See you soon in Germany.

Greetings, my friends,

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