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Blog | Aleix Viu had an almost perfect weekend at the Sachsenring

Hello friends,

Last weekend was held at the Sachsenring the third event, 5th & 6th rounds of the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

It has really been a great weekend.

I was aware that this circuit could make a good race because I love and already had the experience (as "Rookie"), last year to know that there would be difficulties in getting good results.

I was in a good time, and must bury Assen. So I set to "On" mode upon arrival on Thursday at the circuit.

The weekend was a little weird climatological speaking as on several days except Saturday it rained, making the track was considerably cold over the weekend.
But I begin to explain from the beginning ...

On Friday, as usual, the two free practice sessions and the qualifying were held. The two FP were in my favour. The track was very cold, and had to have some "feel" especially the passage of the number three curve. I could get to do some good times, such that placed me on top of the list of the two free practice sessions.

It was only doing the same work for QP. The truth is that I cannot complain at all. The qualifier was almost perfect, just encountered enough traffic on lap of my best time maent that I could not reach the pole by a few thousandths when I had red helmets in the first two sectors. But that should not bother me, since I knew that this pace I could do without much difficulty. Standing in second position in the starting grid it was not bad at all, it was great; more than great, it was perfect.

So arrived Saturday's race. I had to make the most of that day since, in theory and according to forecasts, this would be the only day that the weather would break, and would look like is sun throughout the day.

The grid was formed, and as the lights went out I twisted the gas and could reach the number one curve in first position. It was only looking forward, as far as possible, to know and have more time on how to negotiate every curve of that track while leading the race.

And so it was for 10 of the 19 laps. I tried to escape from the group into open space, which succeeded in T1 and T2, but the other partials and especially in the drop towards the bottom part at the end of the lap, the chasing group caught my slipstream and cut the gap right back.

The race was won on the last lap, across the line in a Foto finish way, I took the third place with a few thousandths. It was difficult to make much more than I did, and I was happy with how I was going over the weekend.

So to Sunday.

As expected, Sunday dawned rainy. It seemed that would be wet race as before and during the first quarter of the MotoGP race it was wet. But something happened. It stopped raining, even at the end of the MotoGP race, some riders placed slicks on their mounts.

That did predict that the track was drying by leaps and bounds and we would run with slicks rather than grooved tires. We change the configuration of the bike completely from wet to dry and left only wait.

During Warm up lap I could see the corners that were still wet on the track layout. Because although the rain stopped, the sun did not give us his presence at any time. Traffic lights went out and as I did yesterday, I returned to twist the throttle to place myself again in first position.

I pulled as hard and fast as I could, I tried all the time to control the race. It was the repeat of Saturday's race. The T3 became my enemy by slipstreaming they had my rivals. So he turned to decide the race in the last corner.

I had a little scare on the last lap that made my rivals hook me just enough to negotiate all T4 with them. I had a touch with a rival in the penultimate curve that turned me even guard front brake.

This made me lose a wonderful time that must have to negotiate the final turn; and finally I put my KTM in second place on arrival at the finish line.

I really would have liked to win both races, of course, but I'm happy, very happy because I think I've been dominating throughout the weekend and, although the points are always those who have, this weekend has been Aleix Viu!

I thank you all for your encouragement, your comments and your "like". I dedicate this weekend, everyone to come and all those who have come.

I thank you again for being here,

See in Austria on 13 and 14 August.

Happy Holidays,

A greeting,

Aleix Viu
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