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Blog | Aidan Liebenberg well prepared for his second season

Hey everyone,

This is my first blog of 2019 and I am excited to share with you guys what I have been up to so far. Sorry that I have been a bit quite lately, I have been fully focused on the season and forgot to keep you guys updated.

2018 was a tough year for me, lacking results and the performance I wanted and injuries ruled me out for the last couple of races for the season. This is unfortunately part of racing and any other sport. I am excited to start a new, fresh year and I am working hard to make 2019 my best racing year so far.

These results do not come without long hours of hard work. It is important to prepare my body physically and mentally and I am working to arrive at the first test fitter and stronger than last year and also to be better prepared on the mental side, which is one of the most important things in any professional sport.

To perform in a high pressure environment it is key to be strong enough mentally to handle the pressure. The Rookies Cup obviously places a lot of pressure on the riders, because it is some of the most talented young riders all in the same race. Therefore I am working just as hard on the mental side as on the physical side.

Although it is freezing cold in Europe, it is very hot in South Africa at the moment. The blistering heat makes training very difficult, with each day reaching a temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius and some days reaching temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius.


Training in the bush

It is also important to get enough track time before the first test, because the only way I can get faster and perfect my riding is by doing as many laps as possible. I also try to ride different types of motorbikes to help me with the different skills I need on the track and especially, on my Rookies bike. Unfortunately we do not have Moto3 bikes in South Africa to train and race on, but I am making the most on the motorbikes we have here. At the end of the day, a motorbike is a motorbike.

On my Kawazaki 600CC (main photo)

One of the positive things for me is how much I am enjoying riding this year! Last year when I had some difficult times and not achieving the results I wanted, I did not enjoy riding. It is just an incredible feeling to enjoy every lap that I do around a racetrack again. As much as I enjoy the riding, I also enjoy the training off circuit. I love preparing my body physically and getting fit for the season. It's the best feeling when you can feel your fitness improve and the effect it has on my riding and how comfortable I feel on the motorbike.

I cannot thank my family enough for all their support that they have given me so far. They are helping me to get back to my best!

I am ready for 2019! It is time to get back on my bike and show what I've got.

See you soon!

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