Aidan Liebenberg

Blog | Aidan Liebenberg doing well on a steep learning curve

Hi everyone,

The last week has been amazing and it has definitely been one of my greatest experiences! The level of professionalism of the Red bull MotoGP Rookies Cup team is extraordinary.

I have learnt a lot from this test and I enjoyed it a lot, but it was really hard and I had a challenging test. I had to ride a moto3 bike for the first time and I found it hard to adapt to the bike. What a sensational machine! It is a really elegant bike that is very sensitive and there is no room for errors.

I struggled the first day, but thanks to the help of rider coaches Gustl Auinger and Dani Ribalta, it went a lot better Day 2 and I improved my times drastically and I could fix some of the problems that we had on Day 1.

The last day of testing I started well the first session, when I was trying something different that the rider coaches told me to try and I felt good on the bike. Unfortunately I had a high speed crash the second session and the bike was damaged and had to miss the long run.

Thankfully the team quickly fixed up my bike and I was able to ride the rest of the day. I unfortunately did not improve and I left the test a little bit disappointed, but I will be fighting hard at the first race!

My mechanic for the year is Afonso lCatellano. He is a great mechanic and I am looking forward to working with him for the rest of the year.

Hard work lies ahead for me, but I am ready to give it my all and train even harder. I will be working hard the next few weeks before the first race, fitness wise and on the motorbike to work on some of the problems that I battled with.

One of the positive things of the test is that I saw what I struggled with and now I can focus on these problems and work hard to get it sorted out!

My goals are still staying the same and I still want to be riding in the front with the front runners. I hope to progress throughout the year, but for the first race I hope to get a better feeling on the bike and try to improve my lap times.

The first race will definitely be the most challenging one, but I will try to make the most of the knowledge I got from the test to try get the best possible result.

I am looking forward to seeing you guys again in a few weeks time!