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Hi, everyone.

Due to the injury, I missed Assen and Sachsenring 4 races, this time it was a return race.

In Brno it was in good shape from the first day and had a fast pace. In qualifying I was in 2nd place.

Race 1 was a battle at the top group but at the late half of the race the front tire came in contact with another bike and I fell down.


The clutch lever was broken but I was able to restart and I could finish in the 19th place.

Race 2 was a difficult race with rain, but I gradually raised the position and got into third position. But, in the final corner of the final lap, I fell down.

I restarted and crossed the line in 11th place.

Unfortunately at the return race, both of the two races fell down and I couldn't get a big point, so I regretted that. But I got confidence in riding in the rain.

At the Red Bull Ring I also had a good pace and won the second pole position this season in qualifying.

In Race 1, I hit a bike that fell down at the third corner of the opening lap and I went out of the track and I dropped a lot of positions.

But, after that I had a fast rhythm and returned to the top on lap four. From there I further extended the advantage and won.

I'm very happy with my first victory in the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

But, because of a dangerous to return to the course, for Race 2 I was penalised and had to start the race from last place on the grid.

Race 2 I pushed very much from the first lap to raise the position and on lap 9 I was able to catch up with the top group.

I played the battle until the end, but the result was third place. I broke my right foot with the accident in race 1 and I had a very strong pain, so neither race 1 nor race 2 was able to step on the rear brake, but the podium for both races was good.

Sorry about the penalty. I reflect on not doing the same thing.

I will cure the fracture of the foot soon and I want to be prepared for good performance in Misano.

See you,

Ai Ogura #79