Adrián Huertas

Blog | Adrián Huertas riding a variety of bikes as he gets ready to race

Hello Everyone,

Here I am going to tell you about my training days to prepare the season.

Two weeks ago, I went to Jerez to prepare the preseason test and the first race. I was riding with an standard Yamaha R6.

I enjoyed a lot, because it was the first time I trained with a 600cc bike. It was easy to ride for me.

The bike is only one part of my training because I train too physically for start the season full. Recently I have started to work with an expert personal trainer.

For last weekend I went to Albacete with my PreMoto3, but I had also the opportunity of ride with the R6 of my friend Aitor.

Here you have some pictures of my training in Albacete.

I am looking forward to ride the KTM Moto3, but before of the first test, I have the first race of the FIM CEV Repsol in the European Talent Cup.

Thanks everybody for following me.

Best Regards,

Adrián Huertas