Adrián Huertas

Blog | Adrián Huertas returns strong and fast from injury

Hi readers,

I am going to tell you my experience in the Red Bull Ring during the Austrian GP.


As you know I had an injury during one of my trainings and I wasn't 100% for the Austrian GP but I tried to make my best in this race.


Friday was a not such a good day because my strategy wasn't good and I couldn't´t make a good lap time.
Finally I finished 18th in the QP but with a good pace.


On Saturday I started so well but when I was in the back of the first group another rider touched me and my Air Bag went off. But I didn't crash and I could finish 16th even after making a Long Lap too.


On Sunday I knew that I needed to push so hard in the first laps to take the first group and I managed this.


I pushed so hard and I took the first group but some riders were touching me many times and I thought that I had to wait there to push in the last 2 laps.


I started to overtake a lot of riders and in the last lap I did pass many riders and I finished at 0.2 to the victory but I couldn't take the podium.


Finally I finished 4th after start from 18th position.

Now I am full focused in Misano.

I want to say thanks to Gustl, Dani, Joan, Santi, and all the team to make easier this hard weekend for me.


Thanks for reading,

Adrian Huertas #66