Adrián Huertas

Blog | Adrián Huertas missed the test but got back in action

Hello followers,

I am writing this blog to inform you about what happened from my last blog. I hope you like it.

I went to the Estoril circuit to participate in the first race of the European Talent Cup.

The weekend were getting perfect but in the qualifying when I was fighting for the pole position I had a big crash and I broke the radius and the ulna of me left arm.

For me it was a horrible sensation because I couldn't participate in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup test.

I was worried also because I didn't´t know if I could participate in Valencia, the second race of the European Talent Cup, but finally I can participate and I will tell you what happened in Valencia.

When I arrived in Valencia I came with the expectations of making kilometers with the bike because before Valencia I didn't ride since a month and a week.

Valencia is my favorite circuit, in the free practice I felt very well and I could have the rhythm of the bests and I was prepared to the qualifying.

The qualifying has been very difficult because I had an incredible rhythm but I can´t do the fastest lap and my position in the grid was 18th.

Race 1 was incredible, but the end was bad. When I started I felt really motivated. I hiked up to the second position and when I was battling for the podium another rider crash and I couldn't´t avoid him and I crashed too.

It was an incredible crash and other rider passed over my leg. I am really sore but I decided take part in the second race.

My bike was totally destroyed but my team worked very hard to repair the bike in only two hours.

In the second race luck wasn't on our side and I have got technical problems but I didn't give up and I finally finished 17th.

I'm left with the positive part, which is that I will be in Jerez and I will give the maximum.

See you in Jerez followers!