Adrián Carrasco

Blog | Adrián Carrasco having great battles at the front in Germany

Hello to all my fans and viewers who support me in all the races, each and every one of them.

Today I come to tell you my fantastic race week in Germany at the Sachsenring, an amazing circuit that I love.


In the FP1 I did not expect to be as much ahead as I was, fighting for the top positions of the time list. But halfway through the training I had to stop because I had no tyres left to continue driving safely.

In the FP2 I went out to go for it after having made some adjustments in the suspensions to solve that tyre wear. And the truth is that I was also fighting for the positions between second and third on the screen and it was time to fully concentrate for the qualifying.

In the QP many pilots were reprimanded and I was one of them to wait for other pilots but even so I was not sanctioned and I did a very good lap beating the record, I was in P3 which is a good starting position.


In the Race1 I went ahead of by all overtaking the two riders in front, managing to put myself in first place the first opening of the race. But still there were many others pushing, I made a mistake that made me drop to the sixth place in the first group.


Finally though we fought so much that a rider of the group escaped and finally finished on P5 which was not a bad position.


In Race2 I went out on track with a lot of desire to be fighting for podium positions. So we were fighting with the group and that let two riders escape. Even so we were all fighting or trying to catch the riders who escaped but it was a bit impossible.


In the last laps we all suffered a lot from the rear tyre wear. On the last lap, in the last sector I was in good position, fighting for the podium and in the last corner a riders went outside.


The one in front of him I could pass before the finish line but when he saw me he pushed me so that it would not happen. SO that was how I was in P4 and I was not very happy but it is still a good position.

I hope that you all see the next race in Austria, an impressive circuit that I also like a lot.


See you there, greetings to all,