Adrián Carrasco

Blog | Adrián Carrasco with a great race in Misano

Hello to all my fans,

Today in this Blog I will tell you about the most perfect weekend in my career in Misano with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.


In the FP1 in the second round a rider was unable to slow down in a curve as much as others and unfortunately I was in front and we fell so that I couldn't finish the FP1.


In the FP2 I decided to go for all. To make a while fast I put the bike pointed as in the FP1. That was not possible like that to get a place among the top ten from where I knew that it would be possible to get a podium.


In the QP I changed to a strategy to make a good time and put myself among the first five. I managed that and with very good form on the last lap took the place P5.

I got to the race day with great enthusiasm because I wanted to make a very good race and make the podium as always, of course.


But after half of the race I decided to stop fighting in the positions at the head of the lead group and stay a little back to view as a uninvolved fellow and then on the last lap gave the push for the best possible of positions on the podium.


So I did, I got third in the last moment in the last curve, I ended up P3.


I am very pleased by have enjoyed this, one of the last races of the year, after some mistakes we had in Austria. In Aragon I hope for a repeat podium with my colleagues.


Many thanks to all and see you Aragon.