Adrian Carrasco

Blog | Adrian Carrasco enjoying the wet in Brno

Hello everyone,

I am Adrian Carrasco and this is my Brno blog,

The weekend happened to have been good for me since I got enough points for the championship and it was also easy to adapt to the circuit since I liked it a lot.

The FP1 was in wet conditions and throughout the training I was very well placed but a mistake resulted in a crash. It was not time to fall but that is it, bikes are unpredictable.

Free practice 2 was dry as well as the qualifying too. It was time to get down to work to get the bike ready and at the end I was in a very good position for Qualifying.

In the qualifying I had some problems with the front brake that lost pressure and also the rear tire slid. In the end it was not a very good time and finished in a bad position to fight for the front positions.

The first race was dry and we had a dry pace to follow. I still had some faults in the rear tire but it was not very harmful I was in a front group but then dropping back a bit with intense fights while having fun and in the end finished in position ten.

Race 2 was in the wet and that I liked since the bike was very good in those conditions and I could push much more than in the dry. On the warm up lap I was testing the track.

The track was slippery but I could go fast. The start was very good and I took a very good position in the first corners, it started to rain more and I saw that there were some falls but not serious and in the end I finished in position six.

Talk soon,