Adrián Carrasco

Blog | Adrián Carrasco battling all the way to the end

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately this will be my last blog about the races of the Red Bull Rookies Cup. This was the last race of the season and I faced it with very good feelings from the first moment.


In the FP1, I went out to enjoy and was eager to prepare the bike for the Qualy and the races.


In the FP2, I knew I had rhythm during the first FP and I wanted to focus on making a good lap that would serve as a model for the qualifier and so I did. I placed in the front row of the grid.


In the QP, I took a very risky strategy that was to give 3 laps to stop and then enter 3 times through the pit lane. From the third time I had calculated that I would go out with the group of the rapid riders to make a good lap. And so I did, I got a good run and placed myself on the second row of the grid.


The day of Race 1 arrived. The first laps were very frenetic because all the riders wanted to give the most of their talent. Because of that problem, the pack fighting amongst ourselves, a group of two took a gap that made it impossible to catch them again. Still we were fight until the last lap and I finish fifth.


In Race 2, I knew that the first race had not gone very well and I decided in the first laps to pull hard so that those behind did not take my slipstream, but it was not possible. In the last lap, fighting for the podium positions, with just 2 corners to go, a fellow attempted to overtake me and that made me lose my line and I fell, a shame since it was the last race of the year.

I want to thank all my fans who have been supporting me during these magnificent two years, who have helped me a lot and for that I thank the Red Bull Rookies Cup staff, for being there when I needed them.


Thank you very much for this opportunity to let me know and show my talent.