Rider info

Xavier Artigas
Date of Birth:
27 May 2003
1m 65cm
Resides in:
Corbera de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
Born in:
Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona, Spain
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio

Helmet design

"There have always been bikes in my house, My grandfather and my dad have always had them, but only for a hobby. I watched races on TV at home with my dad and I liked them. My dad bought me a Pocket Bike to try and since then I have not stopped riding a motorcycle."

Alcarràs Circuit in 2010 Season with a GRC Pocket Bike

"My parents have always supported me and helped me in everything. In addition my dad has taught me to ride a motorcycle, fix my motorcycles, take me to train .... and my grandparents come to see me at all the races."

Frst Race of the 2010 season in L'Escala Circuit. Xavi 6 Years old

"I would like to become a professional rider. It's difficult, but I'll try."

PROMO 50 in the 2011 Season in Alcarràs, Xavi 7 years old
Supermoto 65cc, 2012 season in the Mora d'Ebre Circuit. 9 years old

"These next three photos are of the season 2013, in the circuit of Alcarràs. It was my debut in the category of 70cc.

First race PromoRacc 70cc. 2013 in Alcarràs Starting grid

"This is the starting grid, we were many riders in PromoRacc 70cc, with many of them I started at Pocket Bikes, then we were together in the MiniGP, and then we agreed on the CEV. And some of us have stayed to train together. They make great friends at the races."

Promo 70 cc 2013 - Bike Metrakit 70 cc

"The picture above is of an overtaking in that same race, when you compete in the karting tracks there is a lot of body to body fighting. I learned a lot in that category."

Podium Alcarràs 2013 PromoRacc 70 with my Metrakit

"Above is my first podium in that category, I remember that I was very, very happy."

SuperMoto Alcarràs 2013, Kawasaki KX65

"My first training and SuperMoto races were with a Kawasaki Kx 65. With that bike I learned a lot, I had a great time jumping with her."

"While racing in 70cc I did a couple of races of the CEV in 80 cc with an RMU, one half of season and the last one in the circuit of Navarra, I got the 4th position on the grid and in race finished 4th."

Training on the RMU 80cc in 2014

"Every year during the month of December, the drivers participating in the Superprestige Dirt Track Barcelona race at Palau Sant Jordi will train the Canudas Ranch. I try to train so I can learn more from them."

Training Dirt Track 2014 Honda CRF150

"The next two photos are from my last race in 70 cc, at the Calafat circuit. First I'm waiting to go out on track."

Xavi Calafat 2014 Metrakit 70cc

"Then I'm in race, it was the last time that I ride my Metrakit 70 cc and I was mathematically champion of the category before running the race, but I wanted to say goodbye with a victory and I got it!"

Calafat 2014 PromoRACC race Metrakit 70cc
Alcarràs 2015 Moto4 race - I remember this race to be very fought between the two categories of 80 cc and Moto4, also it's very hot in Alcarràs in summer!!!

"My best ever race was Jerez in 2015 in the CEV Moto4 category and the bike was an ETG Moto4. It was a very exciting race. After many overtakings, I won the race at the finish line."

CEV Jerez 05-2015 Bike ETG Moto4

"Of this race I have a nice memory, it's a circuit that I really like. I had seen it many times on TV but had never ride there. It was a very fun race, the bike was very good, there were many overtaking, and in the end I was able to get the victory on the same finish line. In the other photo I am on the podium with my racing mates with the typical trophy that is delivered in Jerez, a "catavinos"."

CEV Jerez 2015 podium Moto4 ETG Bike

"My first SuperMoto race in the category of 85 cc was in the circuit of Menàrguens in 2015."

SuperMoto Race Menàrguens 2015 Bike Kawasaki KX85

"It was a very fun race. I fell in one of the two races, I could get up and continue but still I could finish in the 2nd position."

"I mainly practice SuperMoto because it's a discipline that I love. But basically, just like with the Dirt Track, I use Supermotard races to train, as they usually match SuperMoto races with speed races and I can't make the SuperMoto championships complete."

SuperMotard Alcarras 2015 Kawasaki KX85

"Another thing that has the SuperMotard that I like a lot are the jumps. Depending on the circuit there are more or less jumps, but I have to go carefully with them not to injure myself. It's also very fun the passage of the sand and mud to the asphalt noting how the wheels slide."

SuperMoto Alcarras 2015 Kawasaki KX85

"I also like to practice Dirt Track, I use the Dirt Track races as a more training for speed races. With this discipline you get a lot of control of the slide and it is also fun to control the bike without the front brake. The photo bellow is of the Berga Championship."

Dirt Track Race Berga 2016 with Honda CRF 150.jpg

"My best race of 2016 was at Montmeló on my PreMoto3, the Elias PreMoto3. After much effort, my team did very good work and got a very good set-up of the bike and we managed to ride with the fastest. Also as we were close to home my family and friends came to see me and that makes it still more special."

2016 PreMoto3 in the circuit of Alcarràs, 13 years old

"In 2016 I also learned to manage the 'qualys' better to find my fast lap."

2016 PreMoto3 season at the Jerez circuit with 12 years old

Xavi enjoys physical training at school and then riding a bicycle, BMX and MTB. His racing heros are Marc Márquez, Toni Elias, Jorge Prado and Ken Roczen.

When he gets on his road racer he is in his element. "What I like most are the strong braking corners. I like to do a good job with my team and give my best on the track. I am a lucky to do what I like and thank very much those who support me and believe in me."

See where you are going - Rookies Cup 2017

2017 was his first season of Rookies Cup and he finished the year 16th overall with his best result being seventh in Race 1 at the Sachsenring. "It was a wet race and I got my best result, also Aragon was good for me there was a lot of overtaking."

On his way to 11th in Race 2 at Aragon - 2017

"I learnt to quickly memorize new circuits and also to ride with rain, as it rained almost on all circuits. I was also able to improve my English level"

Chatting in English with Filip Salač - 2017

"My expectations for 2018 are to put into practice everything I learnt last year, to improve myself, to be fighting in the front group and to stay as far ahead as possible and to enjoy riding."

Career Highlights


• 16th Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, best result 7th in Sachsenring 1. He was quick and consisant all season finishing most of the races in the points and learning enough to make a big step forward in 2018.


• 16th Premoto3 CEV (Elias PreMoto3)
• 3rd SuperMoto Catalunya Championship 85 cc - Only some races, all wins (Kawasaki KX 85)
• 4th Copa Rodi Dirt Track - Only some races, all wins (Kawasaki KX 85)


• 5Th Moto4 CEV (Elias Moto4)
• 2nd SuperMoto Catalunya Championship 85 cc (Kawasaki KX 85)


• 1st PromoRACC Catalunya Championship 70 cc (Metrakit MiniGP)
• Champion SuperMoto Catalunya Championship 65 cc (Kawasaki KX 65)
• 2nd Campeonato Mediterráneo de Velocidad RIEJU RS3
• 2nd Copa Rodi Dirt Track (Kawasaki KX 85)
• 2nd SuperPrestigio Dirt Track Palau St. Jordi ( Kawasaki KLX 140)


• 3rd PromoRACC Catalunya Championship 70 cc (Metrakit MiniGP)
• 2nd SuperMoto Catalunya Championship 65 cc (Kawasaki KX 65)


• 4th Promovelocitat Catalunya Championship 50 cc (GRC MiniGP)
• 2nd SuperMoto Catalunya Championship 65 cc (Kawasaki KX 65)
• 2nd SuperMoto Catalunya Championship 65 cc (Kawasaki KX 65)


• 6th Promovelocitat Catalunya Championship 50 cc (GRC MiniGP)


• 1st Catalunya PocketBike Championship - Category Alevín (GRC Pocket Bike)


• 8th Catalunya of Pocketbikes - Only started the second half of the championship (Polini 910 )


Race Pos Pts
05 May 17 Circuito de Jerez, Spain QP 17
06 May 17 Circuito de Jerez, Spain RAC1 11 5
07 May 17 Circuito de Jerez, Spain RAC2 17 0
23 Jun 17 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands QP 14
24 Jun 17 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands RAC 18 0
25 Jun 17 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands RAC2 11 5
30 Jun 17 Sachsenring, Germany QP 16
01 Jul 17 Sachsenring, Germany RAC 7 9
02 Jul 17 Sachsenring, Germany RAC2 13 3
04 Aug 17 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic QP 10
05 Aug 17 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic RAC1 13 3
06 Aug 17 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic RAC2 NC 0
11 Aug 17 Red Bull Ring – Spielberg, Austria QP 13
12 Aug 17 Red Bull Ring – Spielberg, Austria RAC 9 7
13 Aug 17 Red Bull Ring – Spielberg, Austria RAC2 15 1
08 Sep 17 Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Italy QP 24
09 Sep 17 Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Italy RAC 15 1
22 Sep 17 Motorland Aragon, Spain QP 18
23 Sep 17 Motorland Aragon, Spain RAC1 14 2
24 Sep 17 Motorland Aragon, Spain RAC2 11 5