Rider info

Sasha De Vits
Date of Birth:
07 Dec 2001
1m 60cm
48 kg
Resides in:
Meerbeke, Belgium
Born in:
Asse, Belgium
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio

Helmet design 2018

Sasha followed his dad onto two wheels. "I was always present on the racetrack with my dad, also a fervent motorcycle rider."

"First time on my dad's bike!"

"He road several trackdays with his friends & participated in endurances races in Belgium so it was a normal choice for me to do the same."

"My dad and I"

"My parents have always been involved in my racing and they still are.

"My dad is:
1. My mechanic: he maintains the bikes.
2. My coach in several domains: he teaches me the mechanical stuff of the bikes and he teaches me about the importance of the suspension and other things. Plus after a ride on the track we discuss about various things like breakpoints, accelaration, riding lines, etc."

"My Dad, my brother and I."

"My mom:
3. Helps me with my schoolwork.
4. Helps me with the public relations: my Facebook account, Instagram, twitter,... she gives me tips & tricks.
5. Organises everything for my condition and physical training.
6. Takes care of my health by preparing good and healthy meals.
7. Is always there when I need her."

"My little brother is my playmate when we race together on the playstation :-)", says Sasha who admits that playing with his brother is is favourite thing to do when not riding. He also like the sciences at school and his heroes are Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli.

"My little brother and I"

With the kind of family support he has it is not surprising Sasha is learning fast and he picks out some lessons learnt in 2016. "That racing is a whole lot more then just riding a bike. I learnt that I need a good physical condition, that enough sleep is important, that what I eat is also important, that you really have to work on many things to get results."

"Enjoying the Moto 3 at Assen"

And his greatest race of 2016? "Winning with the Honda Moto3 in the rain at Assen during the British Superbikes. This win was very important to me after a long year of hard work on this machine."

"Wet win with Moto3 in the BSB Assen, what a great feeling."

He also findly rememebers other races. "Winning at the circuit of Zandvoort with the KTM RC 390 during the Superbikes at Sea. Not just the winning was great but that weekend was my family, friends & sponsor-weekend, so lots of people were there and saw me winning this race. It was awesome!"

"Winning on the KTM RC390 in the Superbikes at Sea Zandvoort 2015, awesome!"

"My goal for this year is ending in the top 10. Of course winning is very important, more then participating. But I cannot do it alone. My hard work and the hard work of my team what ends in good results gives me the most satisfaction."

Selection Event Guadix 2016

"I don't only love the racing, the speed, especially on fast and fluent tracks, the different circuits etc. but also all the friends that I gathered during the last years. Friends I can talk to, I can play with, I can have fun with when I don't need to race. I've made some really good friends the last years and I hope to make some new ones again this year!"


Career Highlights


• 1st Dutch Moto3 Championship
• 8th ADAC Moto3 NEC
• 3rd KTM RC390 wildcard Alcarras
• 4th ADAC Moto3 Silverstone BSB
• 2nd KTM RC390 wildcard TT Assen
• 4th ADAC Moto3 NEC Hockenheim IDM
• 1st ADAC Moto3 NEC Assen BSB
• 2nd KTM RC390 wildcard Croix en Ternois


• 5th KTM RC390 Cup NL
• 2nd KTM RC390 Assen Ducati Clubraces
• 2nd KTM RC390 Assen Superbike IDM
• 1st KTM RC390 Zandvoort Superbikes at the Sea
• 2nd KTM RC390 Assen Battle of the nations
• 2nd KTM RC390 Croix en Ternois


• 3rd MiniGP Belgium (not all races contested)
• 5th Marco Simoncelli Cup minimoto open A race Pomposa
• 4th Campionato Italiano minimoto open A race Jesolo


• 1st Junior Pocketbike Belgium
• 2nd Junior B WLB – FMI race Pomposa 2


• Started racing &1st in Junior Pocketbike Belgium


Race Pos Pts
05 May 17 Circuito de Jerez, Spain QP 22
06 May 17 Circuito de Jerez, Spain RAC1 13 3
07 May 17 Circuito de Jerez, Spain RAC2 15 1
23 Jun 17 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands QP 19
24 Jun 17 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands RAC 16 0
25 Jun 17 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands RAC2 8 8
30 Jun 17 Sachsenring, Germany QP 18
01 Jul 17 Sachsenring, Germany RAC 13 3
02 Jul 17 Sachsenring, Germany RAC2 17 0
04 Aug 17 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic QP 12
05 Aug 17 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic RAC1 16 0
06 Aug 17 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic RAC2 10 6
11 Aug 17 Red Bull Ring – Spielberg, Austria QP 16
12 Aug 17 Red Bull Ring – Spielberg, Austria RAC 18 0
13 Aug 17 Red Bull Ring – Spielberg, Austria RAC2 16 0
08 Sep 17 Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Italy QP 16
09 Sep 17 Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Italy RAC 11 5
22 Sep 17 Motorland Aragon, Spain QP 17
23 Sep 17 Motorland Aragon, Spain RAC1 16 0
24 Sep 17 Motorland Aragon, Spain RAC2 16 0