#92 Yuki Kunii

"That made me really excited and I will never forget that feeling"

Yuki Kunii

Rider bio


"I like many sports, really enjoy playing baseball, volleyball, judo and gymnastics with my classmates in P.E., that's my favourite thing about school and when I am not racing I enjoy playing football."

Running at school

"A lot of my friends are aiming to become a professional football players, maybe that is reason why I play it."
"So when I have time,I play football with my friends, do physical & strength training in TKlabojapan, sometimes ride a bicycle."

"The fact that I got interested in a motorbike was influenced by my father. My first time to touch a motorbike was when I was 4 years old, that was in a class of Chibakita Pokebai Course. I don't remember it well but my parents say it was like: 'That was really hard, because you were crying so much hearing the engine noise.' "

Life pocket bike 420 at Nakai inter circuit in 2011

"But I got sucked into a motorbike by the class so I've been working hard to ride it since I was 4 years old."

"My father supervised things like a mechanic and coaching when I took a pocketbike and minibike. He scolded me so hard sometimes but I think now, that made my strong heart."

At the 2010 Nakai Inter-circuit Life pocket bike 351, with my father

"He is always encouraging and watching me while I got a road race. My mother is always supporting me, makes and controls my food, prepares for my race tour and everything else."

"I really really appreciate it."

A bit of fun and training on dirt track

"I have many brothers and a sister. Three big brothers who are 28, 26 and 21 years old now (January 2018) a big sister who is 25 and a little brother 13. They are always supporting me."

"When I was fourth grader, I entered SRS (Suzuka Circuit Racing School) for 5 years to improve my skills. That did a lot to build my skill both physically and mentally."

With my mother's friend, my mother, Danny Kent and me at the 2012 MotoGP in Motegi. I was very happy to meet him

"In 2016, I got a scholarship for what was the first time in SRS-Moto."

2016 SRS scholarship acquisition at Suzuka Circuit - Honda NSF250R - photo Mobility Land.

"There are many things I learned in 2017, I raced IATC (Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup) and CEV (Repsol Moto3 Junior World Championship). That was really furious and heated and then I learned to have a strong mind and not to give up in tough situations. Finally I realised how important the strengths of a team is."

Battling hard in the CEV - 2017

"I like the high-speed corners like in the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya. After finishing 5th in Race 1 I got into the lead in Racing 2 of Round 3 of the CEV. The result of that race was a high side but I was almost taking the first place in the race, so that made me really excited and I will never forget that feeling. I wanna try again and not to make the same mistake."

Loving the high speed in CEV - 2017

"My best race in 2017 was when I won in Round 2 of IATC at Losail. The result of Round 1 at the Chang International Circuit was not good, that made me feel pressure like I cannot lose in the next races, then I couldn't practice as I expected. But I really desired so hard to win only for racing, finally I won the race by 9/1000sec."
"I have a strong heart to win,and I'm gonna win the championship in any racing situation."

Winning in the IATC at Losail - 2017

"So I'm gonna make the most of what I learnt from ATC and CEV, get higher skilled, good physically and good mentally. My expectation is that I'm gonna be able to race fast, to run in the top group in every race, finally, standing on the podium."