#22 Peetu Paavilainen

"By the age of six I had my first minimoto and then road racing has been the most important thing to me."

Peetu Paavilainen Guadix

Rider bio

"At school I especially like sports, I like to study English too because it will also help in driving forward," explains the comitted Fin.

He has other things to do when he is not racing. "Ice roadracing, supermoto, motocross, gym, swimming, computer games, big sisters bullying..... "

Ice roadracing

"Our family has always been motorcycles, and the little motocross in the house I was driving around at a very young age."

"By the age of six I had my first minimoto and then road racing has been the most important thing to me."

"Dad competed in national roadracing and supermoto."


"My father has been to support and coach of all times. The whole family travel many times together to the competitions and everything circulates around racing."

Peetu's ambition is simple, to follow his hero Vala and be World Champion.

He has already had a lot of good expereinces including a particular day in Most in 2015. "We were testing the Moto3 at one of the trackdays in Most. The afternoon program was one for 600cc competition. I got permission to participate if I would go on the grid in last position. I started from position 45. By the middle of the race I had already a position to the top ten. It began to rain, the competition got fragmented and the bikes began to fall on the grass. I slppped and slid my bike past the checkered flag in third place. I was at that time 13 years old and reputedly the youngest podium rider ever in the 600cc class."

Brno 2014 Peetu & Patrik Pulkkinen 

Another fond memory was the 250 Junior Cup final at Assen in 2016. "The championship win was already out of my control, but the second place was possible."

Assen Junior Cup Final 2016

"In the last race I was fighting side by side with the Dutch guy on his home track and the final solution was left to the last curve. I won the race and ranked second in overall championship results."

Assen Junior Cup Final 2016 - The last corner

"I learned the most in 2016 to focus on the essentials and tight spots to take out 110%. I also learned that working hard for success you have to do more and more."

With that he knows what to expect of 2017. "I expect tough competition, professional working team, learning to understand the bike settings so that it can be faster, with new contacts and friends."

Selection Event Guadix 2016

He is looking forward to the challenge. "I like most tracks with a challenging, technical and fast speed rail lines such as Brno and Hockenheim."

"Of course, victory is celebrated, and that is what I am chasing but in competition however, I can be happy when I have done a flawless performance and progress has been made in the development and co-operation with the team is going well and going forward."