#82 Loran Faber

Loran Faber

Rider bio

"I was cycling with my father and my older brother to a place where they we're racing on the pocketbikes, and my brother and I said to my dad we would like to do that also. So my dad bought us a pocketbike and that's how it start it.'

Brother Milan and Loran on their first pocketbikes

"We liked it very much. I was five years old and we were training every week. In the winter we were training inside on the kart tracks. When I was eight, then I joined the races in the junior A pocketbikes."

Junior A pocketbike in 2011

"My dad went with me every time, for training or for races, we were always together, and he is also my mechanic and my personal coach. My older brother and my younger brother, we trained together, so we had also a lot of fun the three of us and we were very competitive with each other."

"My mum watches us a lot and helped us with little things. I have also a little sister but she does not race. My two brothers they don't race anymore, but they help me in every way they can, they are great supporters. So thanks a lot to my family so far."

"In 2016 I learned to be focused all the time during the races, and race also with my head. And I learned to ride on big tracks and ride on faster bikes."

"For 12017 I hope to learn a lot more on riding on big tracks and a faster bike, I hope to book a lot of progression during the season. And maybe to score a few points?"

Loran's racing hero is Andrea Ianonne and like the Italian his ambition is to be World Champion, his favourite subject at school is gymnastics and he also enjoys PlayStation, hanging out with friends, watching motor races and playing soccer.

Already Loran has some great racing memories. "I had a wild card with the Moriwaki 250 junior cup in Oschersleben in 2016, it was my first time to ride on this bike. It is a nice circuit with lots of corners. And in the second race I came first, it was a great feeling."

Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup 2016

"In Assen I won the title of Champion Molenaar NSF 100 cup, that was a great moment, because I was already champion and there where still four races too go. So that was a great feeling to get the title in such early stage of the season."

Molenaar NSF 100 Cup 2016

"I like too ride in fast corners with high speed, and every time you can go a little bit harder and smoother, that gives me a great feeling."

Selection Event Guadix 2016

"The most satisfaction I get from winning, but also pleasure and working with a great team. It's important to have a little bit of everything and when it all comes together then you will win easier."

"Now I am training hard at the gym and on the mountain bike. Also indoor riding on the pocketbike. I am looking forward to the 2017season. I'll also be riding in the CEV Moto 3 Junior World Championship with Dutch Racing Team."


Race Position Points
05 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Qualifying 19
06 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Race 1 16 0
07 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Race 2 18 0
23 JUN 2017 Flag of Netherlands Assen, Netherlands Qualifying 13
24 JUN 2017 Flag of Netherlands Assen, Netherlands Race 1 14 2
25 JUN 2017 Flag of Netherlands Assen, Netherlands Race 2 13 3
30 JUN 2017 Flag of Germany Sachsenring, Germany Qualifying 20
01 JUL 2017 Flag of Germany Sachsenring, Germany Race 1 18 0
02 JUL 2017 Flag of Germany Sachsenring, Germany Race 2 16 0