Kazuki Masaki

"I love motorcycle racing and any opportunity I get to get on a motorcycle and race is an amazing experience for me!"

Kazuki Masaki

Rider bio

"I love motorcycle racing and any opportunity I get to get on a motorcycle and race is an amazing experience for me! I appreciate the chances I've been given to achieve my dreams and I will continue to strive to do my best in every race."


"Although I'm not from a racingbackground, my father was interested in Moto GP and he introduced me to racing when I was 3 years old. He has been an integral part of my career ever since I began racing. He supports, motivates and inspires me to do my best every time I get on a motorcycle to race."

2012 - "Working on my bike with my with my father."

Kazuki enjoys Physical Education at school, he also likes his fitness training and playing video games. His racing hero is Casey Stoner and he plans to follow the Autralian's example. "I hope to become a MotoGP rider in the future. I really want to become successful in this division and go on to win many championships."

2013 Asia Road Race Championship Underbone 115 (Honda Wave)

He plans to make quick progress. "I want to rank 1st in the Rookie Cup and become this year's champion."

2014 Asia Road Race Championship-Underbone 130 (Honda Wave)

"My best race so far in my career was in the 2015 Asia Talent Cup, in the last race of the series. My qualifying position was very bad and I lost several places after the race started. I gradually overtook many riders and in the last 5 laps, I caught up with the race leader. I then recorded my fastest lap, overtook the leader and went on to win the race."

2015 All-Japan Chamoionship Moto3

"The best race of 2016 for me was at the Junior World Championship in Portugal. Unfortunately for me, I crashed during the race but before this happened, I recorded the fastest lap of the race. I learnt in 2016 the importance of a strong mind."

"I like circuits that have high speed corners, especially Losail in Qatar. I get a lot of satisfaction from passing riders on these corners and also pushing the bikes limits in these sections. It's a great feeling riding a corner quickly and being in control."

First Rookies Cup action - Aragon Test 2017

"Of course winning is a major source of inspiration and satisfaction, but also I love the pressure and the feeling of being nervous before a race! Also travelling around the world sampling many different cuisines is really awesome!"


Race Position Points
05 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Qualifying 3
06 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Race 1 3 16
07 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Race 2 5 11