#28 Adrián Carrasco

Adrián Carrasco

Rider bio

"My father is a great fan of motorcycling and he has transmitted to me this hobby, too. I remember him taking me everywhere on his motorcycle when I was little. And so, being just a child I had asked my family to buy me a minibike and at the end when I was five they gave me one. Since then I have not stopped riding bikes."

Cuna de Campeones Minibike 2011

"My grandmother has always supported my hobby for bikes. She was the one who gave me my first bike. My parents are definitely a fundamental support, too. During all these years they have made a great effort for me to participate in different championships throughout Spain."

Circuit Ricardo Tormo, with my father, the preseason 2013 of Cuna de Campeones

"I always try to give my best and demonstrate my potential as a rider. I like working with my team to improve every time I am on the track."

Cuna de Campeones MiniGP 140 - 2015

"In 2016, I learned how to study everything related to the race before going there, in order to have under control the different factors that could affect me. I have understood that it is not enough going faster and faster, it is very important to analyse every action I take when I'm on the motorbike too."

RFME CEV Premoto 3, Albacete - 2016

"My expectations for this 2017 are to learn, work and gain a lot of experience. Thanks to this opportunity in Rookies Cup I will be able to compete with other motorcycle racers who have great potential."

Paddock Albacete 2016

"I always remember those good things of all my races. But, undoubtedly I consider that my best race has been in the test of PreMoto3 CEV disputed in Jerez in 2016. I started in 12th position due to technical problems. I remember that I was getting closer to the first group but at the end I finished in the fourth place. Even like that, I will not forget the great job I did all the way through."

On the podium, RFME CEV Motorland 2016

"I like the circuits with closed curves and chicanes. Since I was little I have enjoyed a lot these type of tracks."

"Races do not mean just winning. Behind every race there is a very important teamwork. From the preparation of the bike to the analysis of each race in order to observe the points that can improved, the important thing is working together to get best results."

Working hard to get selected - Guadix 2016

Though racing dominates his life, there are other things. "My favourite subject at school is biology. I love sports. I take the opportunity to prepare myself physically every week. The exercises I usually practice are riding bicycles and running. I like all the riders, but my references are Marc Márquez and Mavericks Viñales."

Getting the good news, Selection Event Guadix 2016

"My sporting life is linked to the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia. Since I was a child I have participated in the championships organized by the organization 'Cuna de Campeones' and I am very grateful for all the opportunities that I have been offered. Thanks to this kind of support, I have grown as a rider."


Race Position Points
05 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Qualifying 13
06 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Race 1 NC 0
07 MAY 2017 Flag of Spain Jerez, Spain Race 2 10 6
23 JUN 2017 Flag of Netherlands Assen, Netherlands Qualifying 17
24 JUN 2017 Flag of Netherlands Assen, Netherlands Race 1 NC 0
25 JUN 2017 Flag of Netherlands Assen, Netherlands Race 2 NC 0
30 JUN 2017 Flag of Germany Sachsenring, Germany Qualifying 4
01 JUL 2017 Flag of Germany Sachsenring, Germany Race 1 4 13
02 JUL 2017 Flag of Germany Sachsenring, Germany Race 2 7 9