Kevin Orgis Misano

Kevin Orgis | Fighting through to a good finish in Misano

Hey everybody,

Last week was the 6th round in Misano. On Thursday it was raining heavily, but at our first free practice the track was quite okay. But I wasn't on a bike since the last race in Spielberg, where I crashed and I didn't get a feeling on the KTM. So it was useless to change anything for the second practice. There I could get a feeling and I could work on my setup.

In the qualifying practice I was in a fast group in the beginning, but after many riders went in the pit lane I was alone. I was also going in the pit lane. But I had to go through the pit lane for two times to find a group and it cost a lot of time. In the last few laps I found a group but they weren't really fast and P17 was not the best.

We had only one race on Saturday and my start was good. But in the second corner I got pushed off the track by other riders because it was really tight.

I was in the back of the field and I started to fight back. But I didn't get the confidence for the tyres and I needed some time for finding my rhythm. I could close a gap to a group fighting for P9 and I was fighting really well.

At the end I had a good strategy for the last lap and I won the fight in the group. All in all I had a really difficult weekend but P9 was okay because I started from P17.

On Sunday we had no stress and it was nice to have a day just for watching the world championship classes. In a week is the last event in Aragon and there I want to improve and give my best.

See you,

Kevin Orgis #44